Boost your powers of influence & persuasion

Being persuasive and influential is a learnt skill

We all need to use influence and persuasion to achieve our personal & business goals. But there are some proven keys that open the door to greater success.

I am giving you all the keys to achieving maximum influence and persuasion, in your personal and business life because we all deserve to have the best.

Here are those keys:

Reciprocity | Commitment & Consistency | Social Proof | Liking & Friendship

Authority | Scarcity | Automaticity

Noted writer and researcher on the science of influence and persuasion, Dr Robert Cialdini, identifies these six “weapons” of influence. By which he means the six behavioral triggers that tend to induce automatic and predictable compliance. The best advertising and marketeer brains have read his books but how do you make practical use of these "weapons"?

Workshop Seminars & One-To-One Training

I offer seminars and one-to-one training sessions in how to make most effective use of these keys to influence. My background in both hypnosis and in sales gives me a crucial insight into how you or your organisation can become more effective, more persuasive, more influential in everything thing that you do.

Training can be configured to suit the needs of your organisation and can be one off events or structures engagement programs. Call or email to find out more, you can also find me on Twitter as @johncburns.


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