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The ability to persuade and to influence is a core skill that we all develop as we grow up. Even the youngest child will exercise these skills to get what they want or need. There's nothing like a crying baby or a nagging child to command attention!

In the world of business we use those same skills to engage new prospects, convince customers and make sales. Influence and persuasion are key skills and yet they are rarely taught in either business or sales courses.

Sales training tends to focus on the mechanics of making a sale; the prospecting, the pitch and then the close. Sales management often seems to descend rapidly into equations, graphs and statistics. No notion of how important the power of influence is to sales and business will be typically found in either approach.

Yet some people seem to naturally have that power, the gift of the gab, the golden touch, whatever it gets called, it is frequently recognised by others and is assumed (wrongly ) to innate, as if it were gifted in the person's genetic code. Fortunately this is NOT the case, we can all learn to become more persuasive and influential by recognising the keys to success.

I know from practical experience in sales and in the world of therapeutic hypnosis that anyone can become more influential, more persuasive and more compelling by recognising and using the keys that Dr. Robert Cialdini identified in his book "Influence - Science and Practice".

Increase the power and influence of your sales team by having them learn the techniques at my Influence & Persuasion Seminars.

I have structured workshops and seminars that range from a 45 minute introductory event to a full 3 day seminar experience that will forever change the effectiveness and approach of your team.

Reciprocity | Commitment & Consistency | Social Proof | Liking & Friendship

Authority | Scarcity | Automaticity

Noted writer and researcher on the science of influence and persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini, identifies these six “weapons” of influence. By which he means the six behavioural triggers that tend to induce automatic and predictable compliance. The best advertising and marketer brains have read his books but how do you make practical use of these "weapons"?

Workshops & One-To-One Training

I offer workshops and one-to-one training sessions in how to make most effective use of these keys to influence. My background in both hypnosis and in sales gives me a crucial insight into how you or your organisation can become more effective, more persuasive, more influential in everything thing that you do.

Workshops are now being arranged for Mid September 2010. Please email for the latest information.

Training can be configured to suit the needs of your organisation and can be one off events or structures engagement programs. Call (0845 1214737) or email to find out more, you can also find me on Twitter as @johncburns.

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